Dear Luc: the payments agony uncle, a new segment with Fintech Futures

In Dear Luc, we answer the questions the industry’s fintech founders are worried to ask, and solve the problems they don’t want their VCs to know about.

Moorwand Team

Dear Luc the payments agony uncle

Moorwand, the payments solution provider which aims to transform compliance into an enabler of innovation, has today announced the launch of a new segment with Fintech Futures. ‘Dear Luc’, the new payments agony uncle column, will appear online twice a month and will be answering industry founders’ difficult questions. From regulation readiness to technology teething troubles, our agony uncle, Luc Gueriane, is here to help.

1 – 3rd March 2021

“I often hear about consumers over-using costly features like free ATM withdrawals. How can I put some controls around what customers are doing with my cards?”

2 – 17th March 2021

“When is the best time to expand my fintech abroad?”

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