K Wearables and Moorwand partner to give away 300 K Rings to NHS staff

K Wearables and Moorwand announce a giveaway of 300 free K Rings for NHS staff as a show of appreciation for their hard work during COVID

Moorwand Team

k wearables Free contactless payment ring giveaway for NHS staff

Free contactless payment ring giveaway for NHS staff

Payment providers, Moorwand and K Wearables, have today announced a giveaway of 300 K Rings for NHS staff as a show of appreciation for their hard work fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

After recently migrating to Moorwand for issuing, bin sponsorship and digital banking services, K Wearables, the contactless payment ring provider, and Moorwand would like say thank you to the fearless frontline NHS staff in the best way they know how.

Contactless payments have become increasingly important in the payment ecosystem, with consumers opting for touch-free shopping and limited interaction with cash because of COVID19. By having a K Ring means that the 300 essential workers can purchase goods and services safely and securely up to the value of £45 per transaction with a simple ‘knocking gesture’ over a card reader.

To enter the giveaway, head over to the K Wearables website and register with your NHS email address so you can be one of 300 new owners of the K Ring.

Luc Gueriane, Chief Commercial Officer at Moorwand, commented “We are in a time where community is at the forefront of everything we do. Although we may be apart, we as a nation have never felt more connected, so it is vital that communities and businesses come together to support health workers in any way they can. Partnering with K Wearables to provide an easy payment solution to 300 NHS workers was instantly an initiative we knew we wanted to be part of.”

“K Wearables offered 100 free contactless payment rings to NHS frontline heroes, so the team could show its gratitude and we were overwhelmed with the immediately positive response. We were delighted when our new issuer, Moorwand, generously offered to help extend this to 300 rings for NHS workers. It’s great to be working with likeminded partners and we hope the recipients enjoy using K Ring as much as we all do.” said, Philip Campbell, Founder of K Wearables

The K Ring means there is no need to carry around a wallet or touch payment surfaces that other people have touched. It requires no charging, no pairing with a smartphone and is waterproof so it won’t be harmed by soap or alcohol-based sanitisers, ideal for a busy NHS professional on the go.

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