Moorwand Acquiring Services

Acquiring is an integral part of payment transaction processing. As an Acquirer, we work with our Issuing and Digital Banking clients to provide debit and credit card top up capability on their E-Money programmes.


Credit and Debit card loads are a simple top up mechanism for card programmes, due to speed and simplicity, including features like auto top-up. Moorwand has invested in being it’s own acquirer in order to support clients with a turnkey solution for programmes we issue.


By providing Issuing and Acquiring under one roof, Moorwand can reduce the risk, cost and complexity of launching a new project for any client. We can simplify the funds flow and reduce the delays in funding by controlling both sides of the payments cycle.

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Key Features


Moorwand provides a single payment gateway into schemes to allow for payment transaction acquiring.

Full Package

Our service provides you with a full package solution for Issuing, Digital Banking and Acquiring. We want to help you to run your business in the most efficient way.

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We can support Multi-Currency Processing and settlements in EUR, GBP, USD, DKK or RON.

Why choose Moorwand to provide you with Acquiring Services?

Moorwand can offer: Multi Scheme Acquiring, Flexible Payment Cycles, Acceptance of multiple currencies, Simple, Transparent and Highly Competitive Pricing, Recurring Transactions, Fraud Detection Services, 3D Secure, and Dynamic Descriptor.

Acquiring Services FAQs

  • What companies can use Moorwand acquiring services?

    • Moorwand provides acquiring services Programme Managers who are using its Card Issuing or Digital Banking services.

  • What pricing models can Moorwand offer for acquiring services?

    • We offer options of either; Blended Rate or Interchange Plus Plus pricing fee structures.

  • What currencies does Moorwand accept for our Acquiring services?

    • We can support Multi-Currency Processing and offer Settlements in either; EUR, GBP, USD, DKK or RON.

  • How can I receive the settlements?

    • All approved businesses are offered an optional Moorwand Virtual IBAN Account free of charge to receive settlements. Alternatively, clients can choose to have their settlements paid into a nominated Company Bank Account.

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