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We're Experienced

Our team of payment professionals have distilled decades of legal, regulatory and payment expertise into helping our clients. We constantly remain at the forefront of payment innovation and ensure our knowledge and experience can add value to our clients' plans.


We Provide Clarity

We understand the complexity of the industry and recognise the importance of a clear route to market when launching a new project. Our team's personal approach ensures we take the time to clarify the best options available for every client we work with.


We Give You Choice

We're connected with a variety of processors, card manufacturers and schemes in the ecosystem. Our choice of partners enables the fintech innovators we work with to collaborate with some of the best in market to create their new project.


We've Got The Vision

Our vision is to create a future where compliance and innovation work in harmony. Our transparent and iterative approach helps us to be as dynamic and adaptable as our clients. We put the control in their hands and play an important role in enabling innovation.

About Moorwand

With the increasingly complex world of payments legislation and rules around issuing, acquiring, and digital banking, Moorwand offers a simple and transparent service. This is underpinned by flexibility, clear communication, and access to a range of payment solutions for our clients.

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Mobile wallets aren’t going anywhere, and here’s why…

In a pre-pandemic world, mobile wallets struggled to compete with the penetration rates of alternative - more embedded - payment methods. But then COVID happened, and it caused the payments landscape to shift.

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Stocard selects Moorwand’s issuing services for European expansion of Stocard Pay

Moorwand has announced that it has been selected by German fintech Stocard for issuing and BIN sponsorship services in the UK, France, Germany, Netherlands and Italy.

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The end of universal banking: why success in fintech relies on specialists

Fintechs are realising that the key to longevity is being a specialist - solving specific problems in a way no one else can. But, to create the best and most specialised solutions fintechs must work with the most specialised partners.

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