Our culture and values are things we strive to live by, and work by. And while the fundamental core spirit of these are permanent, our culture will constantly be evolving and progressing as we grow as a business.   Moorwand is dedicated to helping its clients achieve compliance in the best time possible, without compromising security or innovation. We do this by working with our company values in mind at all time:  

Be Collaborative:

We value team over individual. How we get things done is as important as what we achieve. Our success is driven by our ability to create excellence and celebrate together. We are constantly driving forward as a team with a shared vision and mutual support.  

Be Innovative:

We are enablers of innovation. Being a leading payments provider requires unrivalled vision, innovative minds and dynamic execution. We hire people that think differently and deliver innovation that matters.  

Be Adaptable:

Agility is the key to our success. Being adaptable ensures we’re always open to change and means we’re consistently moving forward. We’re flexible and ready to shift our approach to keep up with the increasingly fast moving environment around us.  

Be Client Focused:

We aim to be an extension to our clients' businesses, not just a supplier. We take our time to understand our clients' vision and ensure we are a key catalyst to their journey to success.  

Be Passionate:

Passion underpins everything we do. Our whole team are passionate for success and about achieving our customers’ goals. Passion drives and motivates us to excel, and helps us to create a continuously improving team.     Team member Olesea speaks about our values

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