What is Issuing BIN Sponsorship?

Issuing Banking Identification Number (BIN) sponsorship is a quick alternative for companies looking to build a scalable payments product and get their proposition to market. BIN sponsors issue BIN ranges to enable companies wishing to offer payments solutions to their customers.


Working with a principal scheme member like Moorwand ensures that your programme adheres to the Scheme rules and regulatory requirements. Moorwand guides you through the BIN set up process, performs the scheme and regulatory reporting, performs compliance as an ongoing task, all to help you deliver a compelling programme – rapidly and in accordance with scheme and regulatory requirements.

Key Features


With Principal Membership we support companies without the need for them to become a direct scheme member.


We provide access to different schemes including Mastercard and Union Pay International. We are partner agnostic, from processor through to card manufacturer and can introduce our clients to specialist industry providers


We strive to enable innovation, to support and help shape scalable payment solutions to be Scheme and regulatory compliant.


It's simpler and safer to lean on our specialist BIN sponsorship services in order devote your efforts on creating the payments solution of the future, with the peace of mind that you are in safe hands.


There’s no one size fits all in BIN Sponsorship, so we work with you to understand your business model and find the best solution for you.


We are a collaborative partner with decades of legal, regulatory and payment expertise distilled into our suite of services available.

Uncomplicated payments

In the increasingly complex world of payments legislation, Moorwand offers simple, honest and transparent card issuing solutions via direct scheme access. It is all about flexibility, transparency, operational efficiency.

Issuing Services - BIN Sponsorship FAQ

  • What does BIN stand for?

    • BIN stands for Bank Identification Number and refers to the initial set of four to six numbers that appear on a payment card. This set of numbers identifies the institution that issues the card and is key in the process of matching transactions to the issuer of the charge card.

  • What is a BIN Sponsor?

    • By partnering with a direct scheme member – or “sponsor”, firms issue payment products without having to spend time and money on a direct scheme membership. Companies can go to market faster because they don’t have to raise the collateral themselves to hold a direct scheme membership, perform settlement and reconciliation and hold the client funds in segregated accounts.

  • What does a BIN Sponsor do?

    • BIN Sponsors provide a shortcut for companies that want to build a scalable card product and get their proposition to market. BIN Sponsors enable companies to process payments through their principal card scheme membership. Get in touch with our team via our contact us page to see if BIN Sponsorship would help your business.

  • How can we get BINs for issuing cards?

    • Moorwand, via its license, can assign ICAs and BINs to Programme Managers for issuing payment cards in the EEA.

  • Who needs a BIN Sponsor?

    • Whether you are a regulated Electronic Money Institution requiring scheme membership access or a business needing both scheme membership and use of Moorwand’s e-money license, there is a solution ready for you.

  • What is a BIN Sponsorship agreement?

    • The Moorwand BIN Sponsorship agreement reflects the position that PMs are contractually responsible for ensuring the day to day operational application and adherence to policies and procedures, in compliance with regulatory and Card Scheme requirements. Moorwand will oversee, monitor and audit the adherence to these processes and the operational effectiveness of the controls in place.

  • What is Moorwand responsible for as the BIN Sponsor?

    • As the regulated entity, we are responsible for all programmes and products operated by our clients. Moorwand has full oversight and right to approve each proposition, monitors all offering and has access to all third party systems. Moorwand is responsible to ensure programmes are compliant with scheme rules; to perform settlement in a timely manner, and that customer funds are held in segregated accounts. Moorwand is responsible to ensure the business, clients and their programmes meet regulatory compliance. Regulatory compliance supercedes scheme rules.

  • What is a BIN payment?

    • The BIN, which stands for bank identification number, is the first four to six numbers of the long card number on a payment card. These numbers identify the card issuer (bank or financial institution), the scheme acceptance network (Mastercard, Union Pay, Visa etc.) and the type of card (whether it is credit, debit or prepaid). It is an important element for the identification of transactions with merchants.

  • How does BIN sponsorship fit into the wider card issuing process?

    • BIN sponsorship provides direct access to scheme membership via an intermediary like Moorwand. BIN Sponsorship enables a card programme to operate as a Mastercard card or wallet programme, without this, a fintech would need to get access directly with the scheme (which can be costly and take more time). BIN Sponsors work with the other partners in the ecosystem (processors, card manufacturers, KYC providers etc) to ensure the programme is adhering efficiently and to regulatory standards.

  • How does principal membership work?

    • If a business wishes to be appropriately licensed as a financial institution in a particular country of region, then it can be possible to become a Licensee (also known as a “Principal Member”) directly of the Card Schemes (in particular, MasterCard and Union Pay). This is what Moorwand has done in order to be able to provide BIN Sponsorship services to our clients, so they don't have to become a member themselves.

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