What Is Card Issuing?

Card issuing involves creating tailor-made card programmes that suit the ever-changing needs of customers in order to issue physical or virtual cards, reloadable or non-reloadable cards, business expenses and travel cards, gift or loyalty cards, among others.


Among other prerequisites, card issuing requires direct access to card schemes like MasterCard and UnionPay. Time-consuming and costly, the process for businesses and fintechs to become members of a card scheme involves compliance and reporting, serious knowledge of the processes at play, as well as generous patience to navigate the complexities of an ever-evolving payments industry. For businesses wishing to launch card payment programmes, this is often more than they bargained for.


Moorwand’s issuing services and financial expertise empowers organisations to effortlessly issue cards for their customers, partners or employees, while ensuring strict compliance and driving down costs associated with some of the processes involved, granting businesses access to card schemes via BIN Sponsorship for efficient and EEA-compliant card issuing solutions.


Moorwand card issuing

Different needs, different cards

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Empowers emerging tech businesses in the financial sector to quickly launch new payment services.

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Gift & Loyalty Cards

Helps businesses in various industries to create gift & loyalty card programmes efficiently.

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Helps organisations develop card programmes for business, client or employee travel and tourism.

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Facilitates launching expenses card programmes and secure payment services for employees.

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Virtual & Physical Cards

Moorwand's issuance service can be used to create both physical and virtual cards.

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Card issuing services for single or multi-use cards across multiple countries.

At Moorwand every client receives a personal, custom-made experience. We address your individual goals by intimately understanding your market, audience, business model, unique context and challenges, offerring each of our clients a straightforward and transparent service, underpinned by flexibility and clear communication.

Accessing scheme membership directly can be a complex and resource-intensive endeavour, requiring extensive documentation, certifications and fees, as well as ongoing additional compliance and reporting. As a principal scheme member, we take care of everything that scheme access entails, providing you with the space to focus on delivering your payment solution.

Whether you need access to card scheme membership, digital banking to launch a new payment service or an e-money license, Moorwand is the right payment solution provider to work with.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Moorwand offer a one-stop-shop package solution for card issuing?

    • We don't offer a service package that includes all aspects of the value chain involved in card issuing. Moorwand is focused at this time on BIN sponsorship to provide access to well-known card schemes.

  • Is Moorwand FCA licensed?

    • Moorwand has a UK Electronic Money Institution licence to operate in the UK and is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. It also has permissions from FINMA to operate in Switzerland and an Agency relationship with an EU based Electronic Money Institution to operate Programmes across the EU.

  • What role does BIN sponsorship play in issuing cards?

    • BIN sponsorship reduces issuance costs and collateral requirements for the launching of prepaid card programmes by providing direct access to Mastercard.

  • How much does this service costs?

    • Because every client's context, needs and goals are different and, therefore, requires a bespoke approach, we are unable to provide costs before understanding those details. Please do get in touch with us for a friendly chat.

  • How does Moorwand's issuing solution work with other issuing partners needed?

    • We take a partnership approach to how we work with clients. We recognise that we are only one of the players that you need to work with to bring your product to market, so we ensure collaboration when launching your new product. We are well known within the industry and have great relationships with all the main processors, KYC providers, card bureaus and additional providers you may need to work with.

      Head over to our guide to find out more about some of the key partners you may need to work with.

Card issuance expertise to help businesses focus on their clients

With decades of legal, regulatory and payment expertise, Moorwand facilitates card programme managers to launch new bespoke programmes in less time and without worrying about every compliance aspect.

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