What is a card scheme?

A card scheme is a payment network involving issuing banks, cardholders, and acquiring banks. It enables participants to make easier payments, whilst also ensuring specific rules and regulations are upheld throughout the entire payment process.

Card schemes are a necessary part of business for fintech, in-house card programmes and retailers offering gift cards. To gain card scheme access, you must be a member of one or several card schemes.

For companies offering payment solutions to their customers, a quicker, easier and cheaper alternative to a card scheme application is BIN sponsorship.


Benefits of Moorwand as your BIN sponsor

Reduced hassle of bureaucracy

As principal members of the most popular credit and debit card issuers, we take away the hassle of becoming a card scheme member and instead provide card scheme access through BIN sponsorship, so you can utilize its benefits without having to deal with the bureaucratic barriers to entry.

Lower costs for fintechs

As a fintech solution provider, you have to keep costs in mind when developing new products. We support emerging fintech players to reduce issuance costs. We analyse each customer's business model to develop specific solutions within the framework of Moorwand's e-money licence.

Our extensive experience

Since our launch in 2014 as a programme manager, we have steadily evolved into a payment solutions enabler. With a wide breadth of experience, we are confident in all compliance and legislation policies, including anti-money laundering (AML) and ensure all scheme rules are strictly adhered to.

Effortless access to major card schemes

Payment scheme access has never been easier with Moorwand’s principal membership access and BIN sponsorship. We take the complexity out of card schemes, leaving you with ease-free payment solutions. Moorwand can assign ICAs and BINs to programme managers for issuing payment cards in the EEA, whilst ensuring specific rules and regulations are upheld to provide fully compliant financial services.

Moorwand’s principal membership access

As a principal member of Mastercard, Union Pay International and JCB card schemes, Moorwand takes on the role of a bridge towards these card schemes and acts as your BIN sponsor.

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