What is Digital Banking?

Digital banking is a seamless way to make Faster Payments in the UK and SEPA (instant payments) within the Eurozone. Businesses can quickly and cost-effectively launch new payment services to customers through our compliant solutions.


We understand payments legislation and regulation and ensure you have a compliant and reliable solution.


Whether you are new or established player in the payments industry you want to work with a business you can trust.

Key Features


This is a faster approach to creating financial propositions without having a payment platform in place, allowing users to get fast access to an account.


We can help you grown your business with Issuing, Digital Banking and Acquiring all provided by Moorwand


We provide access to a variety of payment solutions, including Faster Payments, BACs, Direct Debits and SEPA Transfers.


As we have an E-Money licence we facilitate the payments you need.


We understand payments legislation and regulation to ensure you have the best possible compliant solutions


Once approved to use the digital banking platform, the management of the system is now controlled by the client (or programme manager).

We provide a fast and smooth client on-boarding journey

Whether you are a savvy payment solution provider that simply wants an API to plug into the Moorwand gateway or you just want digital banking solution, Moorwand has the solution for you.

How to get started

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