Moorwand Issuing BIN Sponsorship Services

We’re passionate about giving our customers what they want. That’s why we’ve invested heavily in becoming our own acquirer. This is so we can provide acquiring services to our existing BIN sponsorship clients as well as attracting clients who only need our acquiring services. We provide all our acquiring clients with elite top-up capabilities from a turnkey solution.


Moorwand Digital Banking Services 

We can enable our digital banking clients to increase their payment speeds in both the UK and SEPA. This means that businesses can quickly and cost-effectively launch new payment services to their customers whilst maintaining cross border compliance. Expansion outside of a company’s geographical base of operations is now just that little bit easier.


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Easy Card Scheme Access

BIN sponsorship enables businesses to gain access to BIN numbers quicker, easier and cheaper than using the more conventional method of a card scheme application. All this is possible whilst remaining fully compliant through the entire process.

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Peace of Mind

Risk management is a concern for all stakeholders involved in the card issuing process. That’s why we pride ourselves on having a vastly experienced team that you can rely on to help you achieve your goals. Our team is highly diligent, taking all the steps necessary to stay up to date with relevant regulations, which ensure compliance is maintained at all times throughout the process.

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Mastercard Specialist

Through us, you can now reach an almost incomprehensible amount of people with our BIN sponsorship service. We provide access to MasterCard,

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Reduced Administration

Obtaining a card scheme membership via an application is a long, drawn out process that is also resource intensive. We can take all of that off your hands whilst you focus on your other objectives. You can now deploy these resources into other areas of your business to generate a return on investment.

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Speed of Execution

As the process of BIN sponsorship is faster than a card scheme application, you can now take your products to market much faster. This can give you a significant competitive advantage over your competitors, particularly if they are still using card scheme applications.

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More Cost Effective

BIN sponsorship bucks the trend of being cheaper being a less attractive option, due to a lower quality, product or service. If we’re your sponsor you can save significant amounts of capital, whilst having a superior customer experience. The money saved can be reinvested into other parts of your business to generate a return on investment.

Card issuance expertise to help fintechs create new products

With decades of legal, regulatory and payment expertise, Moorwand facilitates fintechs to launch new payment solutions in less time and without worrying about every compliance aspect.

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