Money 2020 Europe: 15 talks to look forward to

Money 2020 Europe is just around the corner, but what are the key sessions to get in your calendar? We asked our team for their suggestions.

Moorwand Team

Money 2020 Europe is just around the corner, and after being cancelled last year because of COVID-19, the industry is more excited than ever to see what is in store. Although not everyone will be attending this year, payments and fintech professionals all over Europe will be waiting to hear what speakers are predicting for […]

What can Regtech learn from the fintech eco-system?

Warren Russell, CEO at W2 , recently contributed to our report 'Specialists vs. Generalists'. In response, Warren has written a blog post asking the question: So what can regtech learn from the collaborative efforts that fintech has developed?

Moorwand Team

Infographic: How do fintechs fuel growth?

In our latest infographic, we break down some of the key research discovered in our independent survey of 75 European fintechs and their outsourcing and partnership needs.

Moorwand Team

  Report from Moorwand explores the impact of outsourcing to either specialist or generalist providers on fintech growth Moorwand’s new report has revealed that fintechs who outsource to specialist partners generate nearly £1m in additional revenue. The report ‘Specialists vs. generalists: How do fintechs fuel growth?’ explores why and how fintechs outsource to third parties, […]

Post-Pandemic Sustainability Opportunities for the Finance Industry

The planet was in a state of emergency even before COVID-19. So with the finance industry focusing on recovery and resilience as we come out of lockdown, should the environment and sustainability also be top of the agenda?

Moorwand Team

In partnership with Ecolytiq Normalcy. A word that has eluded us this past year and has caused a sense of longing towards something familiar. With vaccine campaigns around the world ramping up, many discussions around reopening and returning to life as it was are taking place. Therein lies a problem. We can’t go back to […]

Moorwand CEO talks payments after the pandemic

Vicki Gladstone, Moorwand CEO, COO, and Director, shares her thoughts on what the post-pandemic payments industry looks like.

Moorwand Team

For some time, it felt like the pandemic would never end. But now, with vaccines being rolled out en masse across the UK and pubs back open in full swing, it’s finally starting to feel like a post-pandemic world is in sight. As the CEO of a scaling payments start-up, it’s my job to ask: […]

A History of Payments: The emergence of wearable payments

We recognise the importance each payment type holds. That’s why we’re profiling each of the main payment types, for our fourth instalment of 'History of Payments' series, we're looking at the emergence of wearables

Moorwand Team

When we think of payment ‘types’, our minds often jump to the ones which have been in circulation the longest – cash and cards being the main ones. But exponential leaps in technology over the last two decades have meant emerging methods are beginning to gain ground, and fast. As we’ve mentioned previously, the world […]

A History of Payments: The Growth of the Debit Card

We recognise the importance each payment type holds. That’s why we’re profiling each of the main payment types, for our third instalment of 'History of Payments' series, we're looking at the growth of debit cards.

Moorwand Team

‘Payment’ might be one word, but it takes a multitude of forms. At its core, a payment is just the action of paying or being paid. But there are tonnes of ways in which this action can happen, depending on the method, as well as the parties involved. According to Chargebee, there are more than […]

A History of Payments: The Evolution of Credit Cards

Here at Moorwand, we think each payment type deserves its time in the spotlight. For our second instalment of 'History of Payments' series, we delve into the world of credit cards.

Moorwand Team

It’s easy to club different types of payments and cards together. But once you scratch the surface, it becomes clear just how varied the payments industry can be. At its bare bones, a ‘payment’ is just the action of paying or being paid. Which means how a payment is completed, and what comes with it, […]

The end of universal banking: why success in fintech relies on specialists

Fintechs are realising that the key to longevity is being a specialist - solving specific problems in a way no one else can. But, to create the best and most specialised solutions fintechs must work with the most specialised partners.

Luc Gueriane, Moorwand CCO

For a long time, universal banking dominated the financial services sector—a handful of banks, enabled by a handful of monolith technology providers, offered a plethora of services to all. The lack of competition in the market resulted in a lack of innovation—an absence which continues to plague legacy banks. David Brear, CEO at 11:FS, puts […]

UK Budget & Kalifa Review: A fintech breakdown

Moorwand has put together a point-by-point breakdown of both the Kalifa Review and the fintech-related policies included in Sunak’s Budget.

Moorwand Team

These past few weeks have, for much of the UK fintech sector, been hotly anticipated. Not only have they seen the UK publish a first-of-its-kind independent, government-backed Kalifa fintech review, they’ve also welcomed Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s 2021 Budget. Whilst some may feel caught-up on their contents and implications for the wider industry, others may still […]